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iheart radio curiosity's storyteller studio

Leah McKendrick, writer, director, and actor of this winter's biggest movie SCRAMBLED bursts onto the scene! Leah joins us on 'Curiosity’s Storyteller Studio' to share her unique narrative style as a writer and teach us her tricks to juggling multiple hats like she did in Scrambled as the Writer, Director, and Star! Leah as a Storyteller has exploded as the fresh “new” voice that Hollywood has been in need of and is currently writing ‘Mrs. Clause’ for Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine starring Jennifer Garner and the remake of ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’. But like most of us Leah’s overnight success in movies was definitely not overnight.

Leah discusses her path from actress to acclaimed filmmaker, offering insights into crafting
stories and tips to finding your creative voice. As we explore her latest film, Leah reveals how personal experiences and a bold vision shape her storytelling. Don't miss this deep dive into the creative process of one of Hollywood's most promising writers, directors and storytellers.

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