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iheart radio curiosity's storyteller studio

In this episode we build a movie out of one of our favorite entrepreneurial stories, Loren Brill Castle’s “Sweet Loren’s” Story. Meet Loren Brill Castle, a storyteller in the world of
entrepreneurship, whose life narrative intertwines with her creation, Sweet Loren's the number one healthy dessert brand sweeping the nation. From facing her own illness while in college, to transforming her passion for baking into the magic of her brand, Sweet Loren's.

Some of the most inspiring stories that we find as filmmakers are stories of entrepreneurs who against all odds build companies that affect our lives in big or little ways every day! In our search for where the best stories come from, we wanted to spend some time meeting some of these individuals with real life stories that inspire people like us to create art!

Join us as we dive into Loren's inspiring narrative, exploring how personal struggles can lead to groundbreaking innovations and how a single idea can truly heal the world, one wholesome bite at a time. Emmy-nominated film and TV creator and host, Adhrucia Apana, sits down with Loren Brill, the heart and soul behind Sweet Loren's, a natural cookie dough brand.


This episode isn't just about cookies; it's a deep dive into Loren’s personal story of resilience, innovation, and her holistic approach to life that led to the creation of a beloved brand. Learn how Loren's narrative of overcoming adversity, championing health, and building a community around her brand makes Sweet Loren's more than just a product, “it's a story of transformation and triumph”.

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